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What ya’ll think the News is?  It’s not a re-enactment of tragedy, but a creation of tragedy for entertainment.  Some may say the White man did not make the snake bite this boy; but you’d be surprised what white folk did to this boy and this snake that the boy is attacked by a snake in front of white folk. 

P.S. Rest assured that there’s more than one camera-man!  No excuse.

P.P.S. We to blame for keeping the White Man in our ancestral homeland!.


This is for anyone interested in going beyond theory to practical application and infrastructure. This is the first of our Black comeback centers. Anyone want to contribute to its formation, renovation, development, clean up and actualization contact Komfo Shango or Race Firsttv at 267-495-4006 GOOD NEWS for all you Race 1st Warriors (male & female), tired of all the talking, debating and theorizing, who are ready to put all this Re-Afrikanized Awareness into Action. O.U.R. (Original people United & Restored) has just acquired our 1st 150,000 square foot Black Comeback Center and it’s time to PUT UP or SHUT UP.

O.U.R. focus will be on Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Security, Health, Construction, and Media Production but we’re not stopping until we produce all of O.U.R. own needs O.U.R. own selves. All of it owned and operated by All of Us.

Isn’t it time for OUR Own Food, OUR Own Clothes, OUR own Schools, OUR Own Trade of OUR Own Labor as OUR Own Currency, on OUR Own Terms, Among OUR Own People…?

It’s Time for the 1st Race to place RACE 1st. This is the fight we can win that you’ve been waiting for & your whole life has prepared you for so let’s show the world what dedicated few can do.

Bring your family, your skills, trade, resources, ideas or just a desire to help restore this mighty Race to Greatness. Join us at 25th and York, Philadelphia Pa , www.Race1st.tv or call 267-495-4006

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I didn’t overstand Propaganda as a child but i surely do get it now….

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AFRICANGLOBE – An American teenager faces a possible life in prison sentence after authorities say they learned about shocking crimes he allegedly committed on an African mission trip. The suspect was volunteering at a Kenyan children’s home when he allegedly raped and molested a number of young children.




Congratulations! It is a great action that should be encouraged. I am happy for you Sister.

Now about appropriation. I feel that many people blow that term way out of proportion. You are a descendent of Afrikans who were kidnapped and enslaved by non-Afrikans throughout the Diaspora. Now you want to go and trace back your Ancestral roots. You should never feel like you are trying to appropriate anything at all. You are Afrikan. Simple and plain. You should be commended for your efforts. You are learning YOUR history. OUR history. Regaining that Knowledge of Self and self identity. That is not appropriating. I don’t know who started this trend of calling Afrikans in the Diaspora learning and retuning to Afrika and their identity as appropriation. Its nonsense, Please do not believe that you will not be accepted when you go. There are those few that have that colonial, elitist, non-Afrikan mindset that will not accept you. But  don’t let that perturb you. Reclaim your history and identity. There will be those that will embrace you with open arms. Stay Blessed!

That’s a great news :D
I was born & raised in The continent of Africa, & trust me there’s nothing more beautiful & pleasant to see a child of the continent reconnecting … I agree with what the brother ^^^^ & I’ll add to that by saying this, most of the elitist people with the western mentality in the continent know very little about the what they are praising! You my sister know more about the western system to the point you can even become a scholar in that field in Africa, but look here when you talk to people who have no formal or very little or knows the how the western system works… It’s always with open arms they greet you ! Ask those who are in Gambia as we speak for the Roots Homecoming Festival…
I’ve been in countries in the continent where I had no connection, but it was only a matter of hours :)


This is a Haitian man senselessly slaughtered in the Dominican Republic and this is not all rare yet this is the first picture of the haitian genocide on tumblr. I had to do it. Please reblog this so there is more awareness of this in the states

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sick ass europeans by sweetthegod13 http://ift.tt/1tis0fY

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Huey P. Newton, Ishmael Reed & Jawanza Kunjufu On Racism (1989)

Very thought provoking.

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African languages resources


This is a brief list of resources I have compiled for Wolof, Tamasheq, Hausa, Zarma, and Yoruba languages. It’s definitely not exhaustive, and as you can tell, I have been focused on Wolof and Tamasheq and therefore those are more comprehensive.

Please add to this list if you…

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Italian Tourists Luring Poor Kenyan Children Into Prostitution

| Posted by Tracy 

Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi may look like a tropical paradise, but it is host to a hidden child sex trade. Children as young as 12 years old say they are being lured into prostitution and pornography by tourists willing to pay handsomely for sex in secret locations.

Charlotte Attwood of BBC Africa went to Malindi to investigate and reported the following.

Just beneath a wall on one of the busy tourist beaches in Malindi, children loiter in the hope of attracting a customer. I met two girls and a boy – all under the age of 18 –  and all who admit to selling their bodies to foreigners for sex.

In a good month, they can get a client every day, one of the girls said.

Most of the tourists in Malindi come from Italy, and their clients are mostly Italian men between the age of 50 and 80, she said.

With a dull look in her eye, 16-year-old Maria explained how she goes about her daily business.

“I ask my friends who work as beach boys to find me a male tourist. When I get a client, we strike a deal, say for $60 (£35, US$58),” she says.

While I was sitting with the children, I saw an elderly man approach the two girls with money in his hands. Once he spotted me, he signaled to the girls that he would be back later.

The authorities in Malindi have been trying to tackle the problem, and hotels now bar young local girls from visiting tourist rooms.

But Naomi Kazungu, the local government child protection officer, said that this has created another problem, as the trade has been driven underground.

The children are no longer going to hotels, but to private villas, Kazungu said.

Peter is one of the beach boys in Malindi who admits to facilitating this business.

He took me 300 metres (1,000ft) up the beach, around a rocky escarpment to a cave. It is a favorite spot for sex tourists, he told me, especially those who go for children.

A cave where young Kenyan boys and girls are sexually exploited.

The trade is illegal in Kenya and this is a perfect hideout.

As the tide comes in, the caves become cut off from the rest of the beach. There is a lot of dead seaweed on the floor that is used as a mattress, Peter says.

The tourists prefer girls aged 15 to 17, he adds.

Some of these men, Peter says, like to involve dogs and pay the girls up to $500 to film this.

Read the full story at bbc.co.uk

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"So in process of me buying a homeless man a meal from Mcdonalds this is what happen"—OG Ced Johnson

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You know what I kind of just realized about tumblr? Is that majority wins. Whether it’s in agreement towards a thing, or being against it. If more ppl like it, then it’s good. If more ppl reject it, it’s bad. No questions asked. And I think most ppl with opposing positions will keep quite. And I will also say this, more ppl like to dislike something and share it, more than anything else. I look at tumblr as a microcosm. Bc it’s pretty much like that in society as a whole too.